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Well, OK

January 19, 2016

New favorite thing:

Being held personally responsible for the learning curve of software written before I was born.


January 14, 2016

Screenshot from 2016-01-14 22-40-18

I am in a grumpy mood and decided to mindlessly distract myself by taking an "industry survey" that had been emailed to me.

The first page had the choices listed in the screenshot, and I have to say, the terminology used to try to get millennials into coding is downright insulting.

Rockstar? Ninja? Seriously?

So just how much does a "ninja" get paid relative to a developer? Is it about the same as a "rockstar" or do they get more? Is that maybe why you're using these terms instead of established ones like "developer" or "programmer" and pretty much completely throwing any sense of professionalism out the window from the start?

Who the fuck puts stuff like that on a resume??? If I see a CV with the word "ninja" on it, it better have arrived tied to a fucking arrow shot into my desk from nowhere, and I better be hiring a goddamn hitman, not a junior developer. And if I see you walk in you fail.

Yeah, okay, "guru" is valid jargon, but an actual guru would have the sense to not check the box for it, so it's pointless.

And I am sooooooooooo sick of people using the word "hack" for things and people that aren't. Writing an iPhone app doesn't make you a hacker. GTFO. And calling yourself a hacker, or your event a hackathon, or the ultimate sin, sticking the word "hack" into the fucking NAME of the event) is the second most bogus thing you can do. :P

Lets Encrypting

December 15, 2015

Screenshot from 2015-12-15 13-04-05

CC, now with valid certificates from the Let's Encrypt beta! :D


December 3, 2015

The first thing to wish me a good one was the script over at BOINCStats. I've apparently gathered 255408 credits since last year.

The second thing was plum gekkeikan sake.

I miss my Atari.

The Atari was so simple. You'd point it and it went. Wanna change the color of something, draw a line, make a sound? Just poke the right magic number in and you got what you wanted.

It was a lot more powerful than I understood. I look at it now, the pieces are so simple that I'm embarrassed by how limited I was.

I didn't get it back then. There was so much more I could have done but it was more interesting to play games on it. Sure I wrote some myself, but most of those were crap. BASIC was so limiting and I had no assembler, and I wouldn't have understood it probably even if I had one anyway.

My life is like that. Probably everyone's is, but I know mine was. Back when I had most of the power to change things, I wasted it because I didn't understand it.

The nice thing about sake is that it gets you drunk a lot more smoothly than beer, and tastes a lot better.

I don't have martial arts Saturday so I need to find something else to do. Maybe I'll dig out my Atari again and waste some time there.


November 11, 2015

Whilst working on a project for a friend of mine, I took a look at the commercial license for the QT library for Windows.

They want $350 a *month*.

Well there goes that. Of course I prefer GPL code to not, personally, but I'm also not the type usually to let money get in the way of accomplishing something.

So I'll just go GPL3 and not spend the money. :P

These Damn Kids

October 13, 2015

I don't trust coders that gregariously socialize with other coders. Perhaps it's not a rational thing, but I just don't think that someone who likes to talk about coding rather than coding is any good at it.

Now, I am drawing a big distinction between people who socialize VIA computer (meaning, IRC, or blogging, or BBS systems, that kind of thing) and people who socialize the way college students do (meaning, parties, bars, conventions, and other "group" activities). You do not become a better coder by being popular with coders, and you do not become a hacker by putting the word "hack" in front of every fucking party you throw.

I mostly blame Apple for this shit. Programming isn't about (and should not be about) marketing, looking cool, or winning popularity contests. It also isn't about overcharging for your work nor is it about accumulating status symbols. They sell the exact same hardware as Dell and HP.

There are two perfect examples of what I mean right where I work. One of them is a down-to-earth, very bright coder who asks useful questions, doesn't socialize to excess, and knows when to stop talking and start typing. From there, we got a lot of decently written and useful code. The other is a very extroverted party-person, has not produced anything of value, but has managed to become a poster-child for the company's "innovation" shitpile, which *also* has produced nothing of value.

Guess what kind of laptop that person has?


October 2, 2015

So, despite this hurricane "missing" there will be a lot of rain, and that usually causes the power to go out.

If CC's down for a bit soon, that's why.

One day it will be moved to a 'pi or something that can go for a long time off battery and solar, but right now, it's still wall outlet. :P

But my wall outlet runs off wind and solar, so that's still okay.

BSD? More liek WTF

September 30, 2015

Trying to set up OpenBSD on a virtual machine, and got to the point where Gnome 3 should come up. "Uh oh!" because the VM's emulated video card wasn't the right kind of 3D acceleration.

I struggled with it for a bit, then discovered:


This bitchy file was making the session crap out. I just commented out all of the blacklisted devices and it came up.

We'll see if there really are any serious problems with it.