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Reason #1 Against Snaps: You Have No Idea What’s In Them

May 24, 2018

[Note that, as always, I speak for myself and not my employer.]

Recently it was discovered that someone had put a crypto miner in their snap app, and not bothered to mention it. It really infuriates me that the response taken was "well, it's not illegal or unethical if you tell the user," because that dodges the actual issue - that devs (or spies) can stick whatever they want in an app and you have no way of knowing for sure.

In a distro, each package is separate, and the dev has to figure out what their dependencies are and list them, but they don't have direct control over what is in the libraries they use. This has several positive benefits that are COMPLETELY lost in any "bundled" app:

  1. The library has been tested and vetted independently, so you can be more confident that it doesn't contain nasty surprises
  2. it takes up less space
  3. if you don't like how it works, you can rebuild it yourself
  4. you can verify that there aren't obviously unnecessary dependencies, which could indicate nasty surprises
  5. you can more easily break down an app and analyze it when it has to use shared dependencies

Of course, there is nothing physically preventing a malicious app writer from trying to slip surprises into a Deb package, but when a game doesn't build without libblockchain.so, it tends to throw more red flags than when a snap or flatpack is just handed to you.

Fuck you, VICE. And Patreon Too

May 7, 2018

VICE, internet shithole and general hive of scum and villainy, decided to attack Naomi by complaining to Patreon about doxxing when they started the fight themselves.

Not so much fun when you get your personal information leaked is it VICE? You guys are assholes and now permanently on my shitlist.

So is Patreon. She didn't doxx anyone on Patreon; it was on Youtube, and sitting there saying "waah someone on Youtube is on Patreon and posted my personal information after I promised not to talk about hers but I LIED!" is bullshit.

I wrote this today while angry, surprisingly

April 6, 2018

I envision a world where everyone has guaranteed basic access to food, healthcare, shelter, knowledge, and equal protection under the law; a world where capitalism is a sport rather than a tool of enslavement; and a world where arbitrary boundaries like races and countries do not exist. NONE of us are pure anything.

Attractor Fields

March 27, 2018

I'm starting to wonder if Stein's;Gate wasn't actually written in the future and sent back to show people how time actually works.

It sure feels like the timeline just wants a war. No Hillary? No problem, we'll throw another of the Iraq architects into a position where they can start trouble.

No foreign war? How about a nice civil one then? Unfortunately "cold, dead hands" requires the person doing the disarming to do things the way the gun addict would, and short of pain rays, knockout gas, and tasers, there's not many non-lethal choices. Which is exactly what the gun addict wanted.


I wanted to GTFO, but that couldn't happen on this timeline either, I suppose.