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June 11, 2016

I really don't like flying. Or being dependent on someone else for my safety.

Oh the things I do for Ubuntu....


May 17, 2016

Is multitasking really that hard?

One of the things I've been thinking about a lot is how we've gone from single-program 8-bit computers to these huge, powerful multiprocessor systems, but the method of working with them has gone full-circle back to the single-program interface.

Phones, tablets, and even the ugly but commonplace Windows UI have all thrown up their hands and given up on windowing and moved to a simpler, one-screen-one-task interface. For someone like me who finds it easy to multitask, the UI is incredibly frustrating, but for the average person, it seems like this is about what they can handle, so they like it.

What happened?

Back in the 90s, the PC and Mac were taking tentative steps out into true multiprogramming, the NeXT and Amiga were already there, but only NeXT had realized that screen real estate was essential to having a good multiprogram GUI. At some point we hit the line where more resolution didn't help.

The same went for OS isolation - we were doing pretty good with multiprogramming, then virtualization came, and we gave up on that. Then even that was too heavy and containers came.

We just can't get away from the one computer per app model. It's just TOO HARD. Apparently.

So I wonder: at what point do we throw away everything but hardware-provided multiprogramming and just go the fuck back to the actual one-computer-per-app setup? Do we strip Xen down to the bare bones and just run DOS? or EFI?

How shit is that?

I have had enough.

April 29, 2016

Can this week be over please?

April 26, 2016

I hope you fucking baby boomers are happy.
When your grandchildren are dying in the next pointless war, when you're going bankrupt from your healthcare bills and you have to re-mortgage your house to the same fucking bank that your taxes bailed out, when you can't make a phone call or send an email without six different government agencies knowing everything you said, you can just smile and remember that your president makes more in one speech for the big banks than you will make during her entire presidency, that her emails are completely private, and that you traded away any chance you had to not lose everything to either the banks or the health insurance companies, so that you could vote for president based on the content of the candidate's underpants.
If I know you, and you voted for Hillary, and I find out about it, don't ever expect to speak to me again.

Well, yeah.

April 24, 2016

It's hard to be the newbie.


April 21, 2016

So, I seem to have nuked my media folder accidentally during CC's upgrade to the latest LTS release.

Eventually I will restore them from backups, but I'm too lazy to do it now. :P

Well, OK

January 19, 2016

New favorite thing:

Being held personally responsible for the learning curve of software written before I was born.


January 14, 2016

Screenshot from 2016-01-14 22-40-18

I am in a grumpy mood and decided to mindlessly distract myself by taking an "industry survey" that had been emailed to me.

The first page had the choices listed in the screenshot, and I have to say, the terminology used to try to get millennials into coding is downright insulting.

Rockstar? Ninja? Seriously?

So just how much does a "ninja" get paid relative to a developer? Is it about the same as a "rockstar" or do they get more? Is that maybe why you're using these terms instead of established ones like "developer" or "programmer" and pretty much completely throwing any sense of professionalism out the window from the start?

Who the fuck puts stuff like that on a resume??? If I see a CV with the word "ninja" on it, it better have arrived tied to a fucking arrow shot into my desk from nowhere, and I better be hiring a goddamn hitman, not a junior developer. And if I see you walk in you fail.

Yeah, okay, "guru" is valid jargon, but an actual guru would have the sense to not check the box for it, so it's pointless.

And I am sooooooooooo sick of people using the word "hack" for things and people that aren't. Writing an iPhone app doesn't make you a hacker. GTFO. And calling yourself a hacker, or your event a hackathon, or the ultimate sin, sticking the word "hack" into the fucking NAME of the event) is the second most bogus thing you can do. :P