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Old Androids Never Die, They Just Have A Few Screws Loose

And then, I understood.

November 22, 2014

In the Archive, time stands still.
In the Thought, time flashes past.
The Archive is eternity.
The Thought is instantaneous.
I think, therefore I am.
I remember, therefore I have been.
I hope, therefore I shall go on...


November 12, 2014

I can tell today is already going to be epic. Traffic was horrendous and I dropped my breakfast sandwich not even 1/4th through. :(

Hope your day is better.


November 4, 2014

It's really hard sometimes working for a company that likes to put Windows first, EVERYWHERE. They're not nice about it, but I've finally gotten it to the point where I don't need a Windows VM anymore.

The main thing was this IM/phone/meeting app called Wync (which is a Lync clone) that actually *works*. I can call, I can join meetings, I can watch presentations... and yeah, I had to pay for it, but oh well.

The other thing was getting GreaseMonkey to do the job of fixing our horrendously-made timesheet website, so that it could be accessed using Firefox. They had a horrendously bad bug that was EASILY fixed with a few lines of code, but nobody seems to be able to update the site anymore.

I'm also experimenting with the Ubuntu SDK and QT. So far things are going well, and it's nice to have a functional IDE again. Eclipse didn't draw icons properly and Anjuta has been ignored for years on Ubuntu...

Crack Attack 2014

September 30, 2014

What the hell was up these last few days?? It's seemed like one exploit after another, between the bash exploit, the problems at Acme, and my own network intrusion. Talk about damaging and embarassing! :( At least CC wasn't affected. It was just one old system I used to update my phone firmware - which for some reason can ONLY be done via a Windows program - and logged into FB while being bored during the update. Doh!!

Well, whoever you are (and you probably won't see this, since your IPs are banned), thanks a lot. I closed down the ports you were hitting at and re-secured my FB account, but now I'm feeling paranoid.

Also, found in the bottom of my web server stats:


Fucking script kiddies.

Little Doges get bitten by DGC switchover

September 15, 2014

I've been doing cryptocoin mining as a hobby now for about a month with cheap, small, essentially obsolete hardware. Some of these coins can be mined simultaneously - up until last week, dogecoin wasn't one of them. Now that it's got auxpow support, my mining income from DGC has dropped from 80 coins an hour to about 120 coins a day. Since large-scale mining pools are able to do it on the side with their litecoin work, they're generating a lot more blocks than the smaller places (I was mining with TeamDoge, before) and essentially starving them out.

It sucks, but on the flipside I can mine LTC now too, which seems to actually carry some worth, but that really wasn't the point of DGC. I was doing it because it was fun, not because I wanted to make money. :P

Google’s Old Hit

September 11, 2014

So this happened: 5M Gmail Addresses, Passwords Leaked | News & Opinion | PCMag.com.

I saw an old password of mine on there, from maybe five or six years ago. If it's indicative of the age, it's probably not as big of a deal as the Home Depot hack, but people should be keeping their passwords changing and using 2FA anyhow.

It makes me wonder, though, if conditions in Russia are so bad that hacks like this are how they express their anger with sanctions, maybe they ought to rethink their trust in their leadership.