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Well That’s Nice

CC was up and down for the last few days because the cable modem that Comcast gave me (twice) apparently has a known hardware defect, and the transmitter had gone bad. The new one will hopefully be much more stable.


So, I seem to have nuked my media folder accidentally during CC's upgrade to the latest LTS release. Eventually I will restore them from backups, but I'm too lazy to do it now. :P


So, despite this hurricane "missing" there will be a lot of rain, and that usually causes the power to go out. If CC's down for a bit soon, that's why. One day it will be moved to a 'pi or something that can go for a long time off battery and solar, but right now, […]


I finally got around to deriving the theme I've put together on here and naming it something new. Hello atari800. It was getting a bit annoying having it complain at me about needing an update, when the update would trash everything I had changed, so I forked finally. ;)

Owncloud reset

The OwnCloud server was not being automatically updated, and the new version had behavioral problems, so I had to reset the database. Files and settings were deleted and then restored. If something's missing, please let me know.

Winter Wonderland

Thanks to the ice storm last week, CC was down for five days. We lost power, heat, the phone, as well as my car, which had a branch land directly in front of it, damaging the radiator, front bumper, and fans. Another storm may be coming to dump a foot or so of additional snow […]

Starbound Server

Anybody else playing the Starbound beta? :) I've set up a public server on CC as a test. If you've got Starbound and want to try it, put in www.cyborgcentral.net as your multiplayer server and use "pants" as the password. Be sure to let me know if the server works for you or not! It […]