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You’re Why She Lost

My new favorite group of people is Democrat minorities who voted against Bernie because of his gender and race. How's that karma treating you? I can sum up my feelings on this entire election process in three statements. If you voted based primarily on issues, moral position, and policy, good for you. If you voted […]

Ubuntu Livepatch

So, we finally released the thing I've been working on for the last six months at Canonical - a live kernel patch service, that allows users to put off rebooting until it's convenient, without being at risk from recently-found vulnerabilities. It's targeted at servers, but desktop users can benefit from it as well. I've been […]

Same Shit, Different Environment

If I worked the way I am being expected to vote, I wouldn't have a job, since #1 and #2 both are horrible choices. Actually, it's pretty similar: #1 is horrifically corporate, very susceptible to viruses, sloppy, easily hacked, and most people hate how it works, but think supporting it should be mandatory. #2 is […]

My Olympic Taekwondo Cheering List

I'll be updating this post all weekend. Thursday: Jade Jones - 12-4, 7-2, 9-4, 16-7 GOLD medal!!! :D Lee Dae Hun - 6-W, lost in QF 8-11, Repechage 14-6 BRONZE medal! Friday: Lutalo Muhammed - 14-0, 9-2, 12-7, 6-8 Silver! (Ouch though!) Paige McPherson - 5-6 :( Saturday: Mahama Cho 12-6, 3-3 GP, 1-4 loss, […]

I'm fed up with talking about this on Facebook, but I need to vent, so I am going to post here instead. DNC voters, and more specifically, Hillary Clinton supporters, must thrive on cognitive dissonance. How anyone can support someone so completely careless with classified information, who so strongly condemned people who've exposed illegal acts […]