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I moved CC into a container, and finally took down the ancient Vaio server that was supporting the old setup. Quite a run for a Pentium 4 from 2002!

Same Shit, Different Cult

There is no mental difference between Trumpies and Hillarites. Neither can ever accept any of their leader's faults, and they will make excuses for everything that the leader does, no matter how brazen the offense, and will condemn others for the same offense without even a second thought. Not that there was a first thought. […]

God Dammit Facebook

For all their talk about being high-tech and leaders in AI, Facebook completely sucks at identifying and blocking fake accounts. There are a slew of PVA account sellers - "phone verified accounts" where scripts build an account, friend it with a stack of other accounts, and post fraudulent wall updates to make it look real, […]

Sick of This

Go away, Microsoft. Now I've moved my old Github apps over to CC's Git page, so they'll be safe, but much harder to find. I am really getting sick of people and companies destroying the things I care about for their own benefit, and acting like they're doing me a favor.

Fuck you, VICE. And Patreon Too

VICE, internet shithole and general hive of scum and villainy, decided to attack Naomi by complaining to Patreon about doxxing when they started the fight themselves. Not so much fun when you get your personal information leaked is it VICE? You guys are assholes and now permanently on my shitlist. So is Patreon. She didn't […]

I wrote this today while angry, surprisingly

I envision a world where everyone has guaranteed basic access to food, healthcare, shelter, knowledge, and equal protection under the law; a world where capitalism is a sport rather than a tool of enslavement; and a world where arbitrary boundaries like races and countries do not exist. NONE of us are pure anything.