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Today, I

built and started testing 147 livepatches built a CNC machining system from scratch talked a friend through a medical crisis with her MIL made $500 on BTC day trading went to the chiropractor cleaned up the last of the leaves I'd say that's a full day

Veterans Day

The usual spiel for Veterans Day is "thank you for your sacrifice." This isn't sufficient. I want to say that I'm sorry. Our government puts our troops in danger on a daily basis for lots of reasons that aren't protecting Americans, and a lot of those reasons are for the personal benefit of the politicians […]


to stay with you, always you are the world to me I'm dreaming on So you can take my sword for you Oh, how do you feel so far? You are the world to me You stole my heart so long ago

Make that 2 systems

So, I got two systems that even together were less than one system from Lenovo or Alienware. First is Beast, it's an ASUS gaming laptop. GTX980/4G with 3.3THz i7, 32 GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB of 7200 rpm hard drive. It's 17.3" screen, and 10 pounds, so it is a monster. Ubuntu runs […]


Dealing with Comcast and Netflix after a security issue was a goddamn nightmare. Apparently my modem was rebooting every 3 hours because of some "technical issue" - that required me driving to their store, proving my identity, and getting a new modem. >_> Then Netflix apparently just lets anyone into your account these days.... Course, […]