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Make that 2 systems

So, I got two systems that even together were less than one system from Lenovo or Alienware. First is Beast, it's an ASUS gaming laptop. GTX980/4G with 3.3THz i7, 32 GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB of 7200 rpm hard drive. It's 17.3" screen, and 10 pounds, so it is a monster. Ubuntu runs […]


Dealing with Comcast and Netflix after a security issue was a goddamn nightmare. Apparently my modem was rebooting every 3 hours because of some "technical issue" - that required me driving to their store, proving my identity, and getting a new modem. >_> Then Netflix apparently just lets anyone into your account these days.... Course, […]

Well, yes.

It's amazingly cool to be able to sit in front of a Unix workstation that you helped build, using open-source apps to design 3D parts to be printed on an open-sourced 3D printer, then flown on your open-sourced quad drone. DIY is 1000x better when you get the help of an army of other DIYers. […]



You’re Why She Lost

My new favorite group of people is Democrat minorities who voted against Bernie because of his gender and race. How's that karma treating you? I can sum up my feelings on this entire election process in three statements. If you voted based primarily on issues, moral position, and policy, good for you. If you voted […]