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WD2 Shuffler Stuff

Sitara posted up a picture. If you take a look in the thumbnail's data you can read: I'm inside Benny i'm inside / if anyone finds this i am most likely gone find the key and complete my work - Benny / help There's a ton of other text all over the words, probably in […]

FFXIV Solver (alpha)

I've written a fairly good cactpot solver for linux and put it into my git tree, in case anyone's looking, here. It's a QT Creator project written in C++, so it should be pretty portable to anything QT runs on (so, if you want a Windows version, you can build one.) It's important to note […]

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered on Steam

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered on Steam. If I recall correctly, Indigo Prophecy was released about a decade ago and did fairly well. This was one of the games that I was looking forward to for a long time back on the PS2, and I wasn't disappointed. Now a remastered version has been released on Steam […]

Watch_Dogs Should Frighten You

Recently there have been many articles posted about the level of "realism" in the game Watch_Dogs and whether or not the things that happen in the game are possible. Unfortunately, most of the discussion has been about weaponized hacking - the stoplight changing and electric-junction-blowing over the top stuff, rather than the parts that are […]

Starbound Server

Anybody else playing the Starbound beta? :) I've set up a public server on CC as a test. If you've got Starbound and want to try it, put in www.cyborgcentral.net as your multiplayer server and use "pants" as the password. Be sure to let me know if the server works for you or not! It […]

Linux Games Are A Timesink

There are two things causing me to be so poky-slow working on my games. One is that I really don't like Javascript very much - it's a sloppy language and I much prefer SDL and C. Two is that I have a serious addiction to indie games on my laptop, which is stealing time away […]