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Same Shit, Different Cult

There is no mental difference between Trumpies and Hillarites. Neither can ever accept any of their leader's faults, and they will make excuses for everything that the leader does, no matter how brazen the offense, and will condemn others for the same offense without even a second thought. Not that there was a first thought. […]


Springfield Armory Cuts Dick's Off Completely This seems dumb. If we outlaw Dick's, then only outlaws will have Dick's.

Attractor Fields

I'm starting to wonder if Stein's;Gate wasn't actually written in the future and sent back to show people how time actually works. It sure feels like the timeline just wants a war. No Hillary? No problem, we'll throw another of the Iraq architects into a position where they can start trouble. No foreign war? How […]

Nope, It Doesn’t Work That Way

Butthurt Hillary True Believers (tm) are like that drunk friend that insists they're the only one allowed to drive their car, snatch the keys from the DD, then proceed to slam their ride into a tree and blame their friends for the results. It's not Bernie's fault, it's not Johnson's fault, it's not Stein's fault, […]

Live by the gun, Die by the gun

If a player got cheated on, everyone would say he deserved it. If a con artist got scammed, everyone would say he deserved it. If a cop on the take got arrested, everyone would say he deserved it. So how come when a gun-nut congressman gets shot, we're supposed to feel bad for him?


Ah yes, Democrats. Unwilling to vote for Bernie because he "just joined out of convenience," but somehow unable to comprehend why independents wouldn't vote for THEIR candidate. And simultaneously able to condemn the GOP for putting party before all else.

This album speaks to me

I bought No Wyld's new EP... It's awesome. I've been thinking about it all Knowing that it's wrong I know Cause when I look around I see All around the fake smiles Realize it's killing me All around the fake smiles Realize it's killing me No, I've been Dreaming of a love thats different now […]