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God Dammit Facebook

For all their talk about being high-tech and leaders in AI, Facebook completely sucks at identifying and blocking fake accounts. There are a slew of PVA account sellers - "phone verified accounts" where scripts build an account, friend it with a stack of other accounts, and post fraudulent wall updates to make it look real, […]


If you're serious about #delete'ing your FB, I'll just remind you that CC has a fully functional, log-free private IRC server that you can chat on. Is anyone surprised that an obvious bellwether setup like Facebook might be tailoring people's news feed to reinforce their biases? :)


If you don't grok the acronym, don't worry about it. OK, so I was reading about this Parrot AR Drone I have, how to mod and work with the software on it, and it turns out the sucker can run an Ubuntu chroot, all you have to do is give it some USB storage and […]