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Cactpot Solver


If you've played Final Fantasy XIV, you're familiar with the mini-cactpot cards at the Golden Saucer.

You're also probably familiar with the many "optimal" card solvers available on the web. These solvers normally look for the highest *average* payoff, meaning that they tend to recommend the safest line.

Our solver is different - instead of trying to figure out the safest line, it finds the line with the highest chances of paying off big, and tries to provide good suggestions for finding that line with the three scratches you get for each card. It is fast, non-recursive, and most importantly, makes different recommendations than the typical online solver.

Results are of course not guaranteed, cactpot is after all a game of chance and luck! Try this solver instead of, or alongside of, a web solver, and see if you'd do better with it. I do not claim that it will always win, nor will it always break even, but it should do as well as the other solvers, and more importantly, it should make *different* recommendations that are usually better.

This app was written using the open-source Qt Android libraries (www.qt.io) and the source code is available under the GPL v3, on CC at: https://www.cyborgcentral.net/gitweb/?p=cactpot-solver;a=tree

Final Fantasy XIV, Cactpot, and all other game copyrights belong to Square Enix.

Download or Install For Ubuntu

Please use my PPA for Ubuntu:


Download For Android

cactpot-solver-qr Note that the APK download from CC is the enhanced version of the user interface. Download the current version by clicking here, or by scanning the QR code with your Android phone.

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