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Bloodstained: Lies Of The Publisher

Well, now that's quite the "middleware issue" isn't it? Seems to me the game runs just fine on Proton and Wine... And a windowed-mode desktop shot (with the game's process highlighted in system monitor) as more proof this runs just fine, but ANYONE can set this up and try it. Platinum ratings coming in on […]


It's nice having work stress to distract me from the pile of dickery last week - though it was nice getting a mail back from the California Attorney General's office. I'm having a weirdly introspective day too, but lack any concrete way of modifying the things that are bothering me. I'm tired of chasing ghosts.


...it's a damn shame everything went centralized again. In a perfect world, everyone would have their own website and you'd follow people's RSS feeds to get updates and reshare. I really fucking hate Facebook.


Things that are completely ok to call someone on Facebook: libtard commie pussy soyboy cuck Things that will get you banned for 3 days for "harassment and bullying": which was posted in response to:

Much Rage Today

Things this week: The publishing manager of 505 admitted to being a pirate himself. The WT world champion won via referee instead of taekwondo. Mueller talked a bunch but said nothing new. Carrying my tkd school in the absence of other people who ought to be there kind of sucks. Tornadoes?


I haven't watched WT TKD in ages, so I decide to take a look and it reminded me why I stopped. Wow, that was dirty. The right thing to do when you're down 10 points in a taekwondo match is to go for a knockout, not to stop kicking and start pushing to go for […]