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Well I'm sure that's fair

Fuck you, Sony. And fuck the lawyers who sued them for removing OtherOS and then took 33% of the "settlement" for themselves. My lost functionality for my PS3 - which would be a server right now, had otherOS stayed, instead of being a boat anchor - was worth $10.07 apparently. "Oh, that SUV you bought, […]


So my work email keeps getting these spam mails from "itself," claiming that some "hacker" has compromised my system and has pictures of me jacking off to robot porn that they're going to send to everyone on my contact list if I don't pay them some random amount of bitcoin. #1, anyone can fake a […]

Sigh x 2

Democrats, in 2018: Who cares if Robert Bowers hated Trump or not, he's completely behind GOP ideals! Democrats, in 2016: Bernie Sanders isn't a REAL democrat.

More of a Mosey

This sprint has been kind of disappointing for a number of reasons, not the least of which has been the bad luck plaguing people. My own problems with the planes seem minor next to one of my friends on the team - his laptop screen broke, and then the slipped disc in his neck started […]