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yeh but where do those libs come from?

"Snaps and flatpak will set you free from dependency hell and get you faster updates!" Yeah, because every snap dev is building every single one of their own libraries, and not just repackaging the files in the fucking deb they have as a build dependency, right? ¯\_(?)_/¯


gamers, talking to Ubuntu devs: we want better performance and access to bleeding-edge drivers Ubuntu devs: snaps? gamers: no, performance and drivers Ubuntu devs: snaps! gamers: bye

Go get COME ALIVE! by angela he

Angela's games are always super cute, her art is top notch, and the music selections are perfect. when the campy horror movie you're watching w your crush comes to life, will you be able to survive the night? Available for Windows, macOS, Linux Source: COME ALIVE! by angela he

AMA but that

Kinda funny how 505 had an AMA about Bloodstained, but nobody was allowed to ask about what the supposed "technical reasons" the native Linux version were dropped for. (Yes, I know it's because 505 lied and there weren't any)