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Steam Play Compatibility List

So far Steam Play has run successfully for me: Condemned: Criminal Origins The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Friday the 13th (crashed midgame) No Man's Sky Sonic Generations (sound screwed up) NiER Automata Crazy Taxi Steins;Gate The Last Remnant The Evil Within (no sound yet) […]

End of an era (ha)

I took down my QT/Android apps from Play; they had very few users and I have not done anything with them in months. Maybe I should start working again on Livetuner, add some of the network functionality I was hoping for. Or I could 3D print some guns, that'd be fun too.

Humble Sports Bundle

Source: Humble Sports Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) While a few of the games in this bundle aren't available on Linux, the fact that you can get F1 2017 for $12 instead of the $60 Steam is asking is a really, really nice discount.


I moved CC into a container, and finally took down the ancient Vaio server that was supporting the old setup. Quite a run for a Pentium 4 from 2002!

LOL, Damn

So, MS has their own version of R (a stats language). They tried making a deb, and in their postinst, delete /bin/sh and relink it. OK. I was a n00b once, and even I didn't think it was a good idea to DELETE someone's shell inside of an installation script. Talk about brave/stupid. Maybe that's […]

Sick of This

Go away, Microsoft. Now I've moved my old Github apps over to CC's Git page, so they'll be safe, but much harder to find. I am really getting sick of people and companies destroying the things I care about for their own benefit, and acting like they're doing me a favor.