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Livetuner will be a searchable, distributed database of live stream video information with an integrated tuner for the streamlink console application - which is to say, it allows you to search, point, and click, to watch streaming videos shared by people around the internet.

Since it uses streamlink, it supports video from many sources. The GUI makes finding things to watch very simple - just type what you want to find and livetuner will show you all the channels it knows about.

The application is available as a snap and a debian for Ubuntu systems.



  • Media search capabilities
  • Database sharing
  • Automatic Quality


Ubuntu users can easily install the snap version from the command line or the Ubuntu Software program. Simply search for "livetuner" and click Install, or type "sudo snap install livetuner" on the command line.

To use APT, add my Launchpad PPA instead, at: https://launchpad.net/~bromer/+archive/ubuntu/livetuner, then install livetuner using apt or the APT package in Ubuntu Software.

Source code is available locally from CC at: https://www.cyborgcentral.net/gitweb/?p=livetuner;a=tree