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I'm a linux developer and do kernel development professionally. In the past, I've done security software and embedded device development.

If a program is worth writing, it's worth writing in C. I've done the OOP thing and it's largely been used more for project politics than actual reuse or something worthwhile. If you want a good object-based library, glib is right there. Use that.

C++ is okay too. Use Qt if you want to hit every platform that matters.


Video games (on Sony consoles and Steam), Tae Kwon Do, bitcoin and dogecoin mining, and screwing around on computers.

Tech-nerd stuff like drones, 3D printers, telescopes, and wireless networks.

Shows And Entertainment

I don't really watch TV on anything other than the Internet. Most commercial video comes by way of Hulu and YouTube. I like anime, Korean dramas, and sci-fi.

My Current Favorites:

  • Fate/Apocrypha
  • Steins:gate Zero

Broadcast Shows I Like:

  • J-Melo and Great Gear on NHK World

Other Stuff:

Contact me:

  • email bromer(at)comcast.net
  • BroWren686 on FB messenger
  • CC's IRC
  • ring:browren on GNU Ring

Full Professional Resume:

My PGP key fingerprint is:

  • 09E7 CB28 8691 7FED BC90
    4407 849D 3745 FB91 1E1E

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