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Flame Sniper

August 15, 2018

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that someone had a laser weapon.

If they wanted to, they could shine it though your window, and set anything they wanted to on fire, perhaps your drapes if nothing else.

Such a thing mounted to a drone would be bad...

Told You So

August 13, 2018

Facebook's ability to control what shows up in your news feed is precisely why RSS readers should never have been abandoned.


August 8, 2018

Yes, multi-shot 3D printed guns exist.

No, you don't want one.

“You need an expensive 3D printer to print this”

August 5, 2018

If "expensive" means a $400 user-friendly prebuilt 3D printer like the m0n0price MS+, and $3 of plastic, then I am a 1%er. I guess.

To be honest, I'm not impressed by the design. It does not print nicely on the bottom underneath where the handle and trigger are, the handle's not as big of deal, but the stringyness could have been avoided using a 45 degree angle in these places, which could easily be done without affecting the design.

Even printed with 50% infill it seems pretty solid. Of course, if I printed it with carbon fiber, it'd be even stronger.

This video of a light-cured DLP printed version killed me (and would probably kill you too, if you were holding it)


The Worst-Kept Secret

August 5, 2018

Why, what is that I spy at 43 seconds into WATCH_DOGS 2's menu video? :?

All the parts are there - even the plastic springs for the trigger mechanism - And it's laying on a homemade Prusa-style printer. Kinda looks like a Lulzbot Mini clone.

While I applaud all of the small touches for accuracy in these games (like this fine startup screen!) I have to wonder how many people actually notice these things.

Why is this interesting to the average person, though? Well, this game was released in November 2016. The Liberator is actually three years older than that, having been first successfully tested in 2013. We aren't seeing a huge uptick of unsolvable murders (quite the opposite, we have people in Florida murdering people in broad daylight, legally thanks to their "stand your ground" law) so why do criminals not favor an easily-printed single-shot plastic gun over cheap, highly available, reliable legal weapons made of metal, like the AR-15?

Oh, I guess I answered my own question there. The main risk is to civilized nations with strong gun control laws; but, again, these countries are doing things properly so finding ammo will be difficult.

The Reality of the Liberator Plastic Pistol

August 4, 2018

Total cost in plastic: $6-10 each, depending on the plastic you bought

Time to print: about 24 hours

Things the release of the design changes: zero

Like with all weapons, the issue has never been the weapon itself, but who has access to it and why. A 3D-printed handgun has only one sensible use at the moment: premeditated assassination-style murder. But it's not very good at it.

Someone who wants a gun for self-defense can easily buy a far more reliable metal gun for less than the total cost of printer+plastic, and the traceability aspect is irrelevant unless someone's actively trying to hide it.

For someone who wants to kill with an untraceable, easily destroyed weapon, there are still better choices than this, and unless they can't acquire a weapon legally, there is again no reason to go with a fully plastic gun.

IMHO, it's a weapon of desperation, and not nearly worth the hype it's getting.