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Monopolies gonna mono

January 18, 2022

So you've probably heard by now that well-known and SUPER trustworthy company Microsoft has cut a deal to buy up that scion of feminism Activision Blizzard, for the bargain price of $69 (nice) Billion dollars in cash.

Honestly, I couldn't really care much less, as Overwatch has been sliding downhill slowly and I'm not invested in any of Blizzard's other games, but it's scary to watch convicted monopolist MS consume yet another company while the feds just sit there and watch disinterestedly.

On the other hand, if (and it's a BIG IF) the people at MS have any actual interest in fixing the abuses going on at Blizzard, they'll be doing all of the people that work there a big favor, and I'll give them credit for that when it happens. MS is not exactly a shining example of feminism either, so I don't have high hopes for it.

As far as gaming is concerned, Sony has been expanding its PC offerings quite a bit recently, and nearly all of them run quite well with Proton, so there's still plenty of hope for the Steam Deck riding to success on a bunch of top-quality titles who've got good reason to at least take testing on Linux seriously, if not targeting it directly the way they would any other console.

yeh but where do those libs come from?

December 7, 2021

"Snaps and flatpak will set you free from dependency hell and get you faster updates!"

Yeah, because every snap dev is building every single one of their own libraries, and not just repackaging the files in the fucking deb they have as a build dependency, right? ¯\_(?)_/¯


November 30, 2021

gamers, talking to Ubuntu devs: we want better performance and access to bleeding-edge drivers

Ubuntu devs: snaps?

gamers: no, performance and drivers

Ubuntu devs: snaps!

gamers: bye

What does the fox say? Oooof. Mozilla Is Testing Microsoft's Bing As The Default Firefox Search Engine

September 21, 2021

And to think part of the reason I've been a Firefox user for so long was because it and Ubuntu gave me a way to escape Microsoft.

So so so disappointed.

Mozilla is currently experimenting with Microsoft's Bing as the default search engine for Firefox, according to a report by Ghacks. A new SUMO search

Source: Mozilla Is Testing Microsoft's Bing As The Default Firefox Search Engine