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Archive for November, 2017

Well That Was Quick (and low on RAM)

Firefox 57 is so much smaller and quicker than the previous release, that there's nearly no difference in responsiveness between Freedom and Beast now. :O I may have to set up a Firefox-only session and see how it performs as a "Foxbook".

Veterans Day

The usual spiel for Veterans Day is "thank you for your sacrifice." This isn't sufficient. I want to say that I'm sorry. Our government puts our troops in danger on a daily basis for lots of reasons that aren't protecting Americans, and a lot of those reasons are for the personal benefit of the politicians […]

Well That’s Nice

CC was up and down for the last few days because the cable modem that Comcast gave me (twice) apparently has a known hardware defect, and the transmitter had gone bad. The new one will hopefully be much more stable.

Nope, It Doesn’t Work That Way

Butthurt Hillary True Believers (tm) are like that drunk friend that insists they're the only one allowed to drive their car, snatch the keys from the DD, then proceed to slam their ride into a tree and blame their friends for the results. It's not Bernie's fault, it's not Johnson's fault, it's not Stein's fault, […]