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Steam Play Compatibility List

So far Steam Play has run successfully for me: Condemned: Criminal Origins The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Friday the 13th (crashed midgame) No Man's Sky Sonic Generations (sound screwed up) NiER Automata Crazy Taxi Steins;Gate The Last Remnant The Evil Within (no sound yet) […]


I seem to have underestimated the depths to which trumpies will sink. I've been banned from FB for a day for "hate speech" - which yes, I assume my post does look like if read, without context. Of course the trumpie can be racist as fuck and get away with it, no ban and the […]

Damn. Now where’s Facebook’s?

Google has a transparency report page up showing how much money was spent on political ads. The biggest spend: Florida, at $1,148,900. Biggest spender: TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN COMMITTEE "This section contains information about this advertiser's political ads shown to users from May 31st, 2018 onwards. It is updated weekly." That's only the spending […]

Flame Sniper

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that someone had a laser weapon. If they wanted to, they could shine it though your window, and set anything they wanted to on fire, perhaps your drapes if nothing else. Such a thing mounted to a drone would be bad...