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Crack Attack 2014

What the hell was up these last few days?? It's seemed like one exploit after another, between the bash exploit, the problems at Acme, and my own network intrusion. Talk about damaging and embarassing! :( At least CC wasn't affected. It was just one old system I used to update my phone firmware - which […]

Little Doges get bitten by DGC switchover

I've been doing cryptocoin mining as a hobby now for about a month with cheap, small, essentially obsolete hardware. Some of these coins can be mined simultaneously - up until last week, dogecoin wasn't one of them. Now that it's got auxpow support, my mining income from DGC has dropped from 80 coins an hour […]

Google’s Old Hit

So this happened: 5M Gmail Addresses, Passwords Leaked | News & Opinion | PCMag.com. I saw an old password of mine on there, from maybe five or six years ago. If it's indicative of the age, it's probably not as big of a deal as the Home Depot hack, but people should be keeping their […]