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Archive for November, 2019

Shenmue 3 on Ubuntu

So, if you're wondering if Shenmue III runs on Linux, the answer is yes. I see. Installation is about as basic as it gets: fire up Lutris, pick the Epic Games Store installer, install and run that, then install and run Shenmue 3 from the launcher. That's it. That's all. It just works. Likely on […]


This game is unreasonably cute. So far it seems like a fairly simple, straightforward puzzle(ish) game, no idea if there are any platforming aspects to it but so far the gameplay seems to revolve around exploration, collection of patterns and materials for customizing Stuffie, and using abilities gained from the patterns to progress. Runs good […]

That nasty Gnome-Shell bug’s fixed

Check it. Should be in the regular archives soon; in the meantime, you can install the mutter kit from proposed and get the fixes that way too. I'm glad this one got fixed relatively fast, it wasn't just games that were affected. Firefox would hang, and take the desktop out with it. >:(

Stupid Linux Steam Tricks #312

Is a native game crashing? Would you like a log file? Go into the game's properties and set its launch options to: script -c "%command%" /home/YOURUSER/log.txt Make sure that YOURUSER is your actual home directory (obviously), or point the log file path wherever else you want.