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Same Shit, Different Environment

If I worked the way I am being expected to vote, I wouldn't have a job, since #1 and #2 both are horrible choices. Actually, it's pretty similar: #1 is horrifically corporate, very susceptible to viruses, sloppy, easily hacked, and most people hate how it works, but think supporting it should be mandatory. #2 is […]

So I won’t Forget

Need to run the Windows plugins for Flash or Silverlight on Ubuntu? Try Pipelight. I used this to watch the 2016 Olympics and it worked really well, just don't have more than one going at once. ;)

Classic Atari Books

I found PDFs of my first real programming book, and another book from the same series: Dr-C-Wacko-Presents-Atari-BASIC-The-Whizbang-Miracle-Machine Dr-Wackos-Guide-to-Creating-Arcade-Games The art style in these books is classic 80s, and it even uses the same classic font that TSR did for Dungeons and Dragons. :D