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Linus Trinus

I've been playing with VR and ran across LinusTrinus, a somewhat-raw but quite functional bit of code that allows an Android phone with the Trinus VR client app to connect to Linux to make it into a SteamVR-compatible 3DOF headset. While it does not allow movement tracking, and only rotation, it is sufficient for a […]

End of an era (ha)

I took down my QT/Android apps from Play; they had very few users and I have not done anything with them in months. Maybe I should start working again on Livetuner, add some of the network functionality I was hoping for. Or I could 3D print some guns, that'd be fun too.


Whilst working on a project for a friend of mine, I took a look at the commercial license for the QT library for Windows. They want $350 a *month*. Well there goes that. Of course I prefer GPL code to not, personally, but I'm also not the type usually to let money get in the […]

Cactpot-solver on Android

I have been working on learning how to build QT apps on Android, and was able to successfully run Cactpot-solver on my phone, using native C++. As you can see, the UI doesn't do any platform-based magic to appear differently on the phone, and in actual use, the blue outlines are harder to see than […]

CVS follows Rite-Aid, shuts off Apple Pay

CVS follows Rite-Aid, shuts off Apple Pay. WOW FUCKERS, that is a GREAT FUCKING IDEA. Payments without credit cards? Too bad Apple will block it from their store now... serves you sycophants right, though! Now if there were only some QR-code based mechanism for making payments that already exists, so you didn't have to reinvent […]


I'm testing out the latest Eclipse Luna build (4.4RC2) and it looks like all of the issues I was having with it have been cleaned up. The menus work, the perspective customization menu works, and the new GTK3-based UI is fast and fits in well with Ubuntu 14.04. :) Definitely worth trying out! I need […]