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Monopolies gonna mono

So you've probably heard by now that well-known and SUPER trustworthy company Microsoft has cut a deal to buy up that scion of feminism Activision Blizzard, for the bargain price of $69 (nice) Billion dollars in cash. Honestly, I couldn't really care much less, as Overwatch has been sliding downhill slowly and I'm not invested […]

OtherOS “Settlement”

"Class Members will be eligible to receive a cash payment up to $65 per valid claim, the exact amount of which will depend on how many valid claims are submitted." Actual result: $3.02 It's interesting how, after so many valid complaints, the government does absolutely NOTHING about enforcing any kind of truth-in-advertising laws, and as […]

Well I’m sure that’s fair

Fuck you, Sony. And fuck the lawyers who sued them for removing OtherOS and then took 33% of the "settlement" for themselves. My lost functionality for my PS3 - which would be a server right now, had otherOS stayed, instead of being a boat anchor - was worth $10.07 apparently. "Oh, that SUV you bought, […]

This album speaks to me

I bought No Wyld's new EP... It's awesome. I've been thinking about it all Knowing that it's wrong I know Cause when I look around I see All around the fake smiles Realize it's killing me All around the fake smiles Realize it's killing me No, I've been Dreaming of a love thats different now […]