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How to file a small claims lawsuit in Arizona, or :Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Linux has been officially cancelled | GamingOnLinux

Fucking assholes. I drop $60 before anything's even started, and these dickheads take my money and think they can use it for SWITCH support?!? Fuck that. Fuck that sideways. I will file a suit for $60 + plane costs and go to fucking court over this shit. Source: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Linux […]

Yule Regret it

Nothing says "It's Christmas" like the smell of KFC in the air for 2.5-3 hours before you have to eat bland turkey for dinner. Or, if you're lucky, you're Japanese and actually get KFC for Christmas. Then I hate you twice as much. Source: Fire Log - KFC.com

Why I stopped giving Money to ThinkProgress, or “Our Effort to blame Jill Stein for Hillary’s loss was more extensive than previously thought”

2 years after a Democratic rout that even a four-year-old could have predicted, they are still trying to "correct the record" - despite these claims being easily disproven. Take for instance The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought - ThinkProgress which bases their claims on the presumption […]

I remembered

Dontnod - probably best known for the Life is Strange series (which has two Linux-native games out of the 3!) made this awesome platformer back in 2013. And of course it runs great on Proton and Ubuntu. Remember Me is a lot of fun and gorgeous, despite its age.

Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

Violet has an EXCELLENT write-up of the Russian redhead providing a strong reminder that humans are the weakest link in security. I dunno about her not being interested in infosec - maybe she just has a different angle on it. Source: Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

We’ll bang ok

To get working audio in Mass Effect 1, running on Proton with Linux: Open local files, then from there edit BioGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini. Find the ISACTAudio section and add: DeviceName=Generic Software UseEffectsProcessing=False Then install xact: WINEPREFIX=/path/to/your/SteamLibrary/steamapps/compatdata/17460/pfx winetricks xact Then get a good Steam Controller config and save the galaxy.