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Why I stopped giving Money to ThinkProgress, or “Our Effort to blame Jill Stein for Hillary’s loss was more extensive than previously thought”

December 23, 2018

2 years after a Democratic rout that even a four-year-old could have predicted, they are still trying to "correct the record" - despite these claims being easily disproven.

Take for instance The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought - ThinkProgress which bases their claims on the presumption that Hillary Clinton was owed the votes of Greens and Independents, then blames both Jill Stein and Russia for Hillary's loss at the polls.

Trick is, Twitter posted the data set that NBC "analyzed" and anyone can download it and grep through for data proving whatever they want to prove. Fun fact: science is about taking data, analyzing it without prejudice, then developing a theory from that data. Religious belief is the exact opposite - starting from your presumption, cherry-pick the data that fits and ignore all data that isn't helpful. Like this IRA tweet for instance:

#BREAKING: Fox's Megyn Kelly "Voting For" Hillary Clinton; Civil War Underway At Fox | #HillarysArmy | #ImWithHer

A quick grep for the words "Hillary Clinton" in the dataset finds 11120 tweets, 11 times the number posited by Adam for pro-Stein tweets; however, this particular claim - "The NBC News analysis found that Russians working with the infamous Internet Research Agency -- the Kremlin-linked propaganda outfit with close ties to Putin -- tweeted out Jill Stein's name at least 1,000 times, on a network of fake accounts whose online reach is thought to be in the tens of millions." - is EASILY disproved.

$ grep -i "Jill Stein" ira_tweets_csv_hashed.csv | wc -l

ThinkProgress is dishonest in favor of the establishment and the DNC, and can no longer be trusted.

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