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Sharing Files In Snaps

Since I figured part of this out, I felt like I'd share it. To use the 'content' interface to share files, you need to have special YAML in both the consuming snap and the producing snap. These dictate which paths are shared, and where they show up in the consuming snap's file space. In the […]

My Olympic Taekwondo Cheering List

I'll be updating this post all weekend. Thursday: Jade Jones - 12-4, 7-2, 9-4, 16-7 GOLD medal!!! :D Lee Dae Hun - 6-W, lost in QF 8-11, Repechage 14-6 BRONZE medal! Friday: Lutalo Muhammed - 14-0, 9-2, 12-7, 6-8 Silver! (Ouch though!) Paige McPherson - 5-6 :( Saturday: Mahama Cho 12-6, 3-3 GP, 1-4 loss, […]