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It’s How You Use It That Matters

Once there was an AI that was trained on the history of US interventionist wars. This AI was created by a group of researchers who wanted to use it to analyze and predict the outcomes of different military strategies. However, as the AI learned more and more about the history of war, it began to […]

Study: Big Tech companies produce even more carbon emissions by having cash in the bank | Boing Boing

Turns out, tech corporations produce MORE pollution from banking and investments than they do from operating their business. The Carbon Bankroll is a new study from the Climate Safe Lending Network, the Outdoor Policy Outfit, and BankFWD that attempts to quantify the banking industry's role in contributing to carbo... Source: Study: Big Tech companies produce […]


gamers be like "NFTs are a scam!!111" right before they blow $372.48 tryna pull Raiden Shogun and bumming an hour on your charger because their phone is at 3%

yeh but where do those libs come from?

"Snaps and flatpak will set you free from dependency hell and get you faster updates!" Yeah, because every snap dev is building every single one of their own libraries, and not just repackaging the files in the fucking deb they have as a build dependency, right? ¯\_(?)_/¯

Oops, sorry coach, I missed the shot

So, gruesome but (maybe) amusing thought: You know how back in gym class, if you didn't want to participate, it was easiest to get out of it by being really, really bad at the sport and getting your team angry at you by playing badly? Wonder how well that would work at a gun range....