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Archive for September, 2015

BSD? More liek WTF

Trying to set up OpenBSD on a virtual machine, and got to the point where Gnome 3 should come up. "Uh oh!" because the VM's emulated video card wasn't the right kind of 3D acceleration. I struggled with it for a bit, then discovered: /usr/local/share/gnome-session/hardware-compatibility This bitchy file was making the session crap out. I […]


I finally got around to deriving the theme I've put together on here and naming it something new. Hello atari800. It was getting a bit annoying having it complain at me about needing an update, when the update would trash everything I had changed, so I forked finally. ;)

Frustration, thy name is FaceBook

Once upon a time, the world didn't revolve around one particular website, and the world didn't stop when that site malfunctioned. People were also not being experimented on psychologically, at the expense of their relationships with others. What a terrible trade for convenience.

Cactpot-solver on Android

I have been working on learning how to build QT apps on Android, and was able to successfully run Cactpot-solver on my phone, using native C++. As you can see, the UI doesn't do any platform-based magic to appear differently on the phone, and in actual use, the blue outlines are harder to see than […]