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505 Doesn’t Publish Games (apparently)

So if you've been following along, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was supposed to have a native Linux release - which was cancelled due to unspecified "middleware" problems. No refunds were offered or given, and people who asked were directed to the online forum operated by 505 Inc. I filed a complaint with the CA […]

Outbreak: Epidemic on Steam

Linux support, cross-platform co-op, and continuing the plot and world of previous releases, Epidemic is free to play and the DLC is worth every cent. I helped beta test this game and found it to run flawlessly on Ubuntu.


I really hate it when someone describes a security mitigation as a "fix," like there's some easily quantifiable problem, a hole that you can just shove your thumb into until it's patched, without actually investigating the issue any further. The Insights blog talks about CVE-2019-11479, an "attack" caused by someone setting an unreasonably low TCP […]