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505 Doesn’t Publish Games (apparently)

July 21, 2019

So if you've been following along, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was supposed to have a native Linux release - which was cancelled due to unspecified "middleware" problems. No refunds were offered or given, and people who asked were directed to the online forum operated by 505 Inc.

I filed a complaint with the CA DOJ over the publisher's behavior, and got this response from them, which says some surprising things:

1 - 505 claims to "not be a party" to the Kickstarter, despite being responsible for delivering rewards, and so I should have to sue Iga directly if I want a refund (which is of course impossible as I am American and he is in Japan);

2 - They claim that they PUBLISH NO GAMES!

3 - They claim that since the game runs (and use MY instructions as evidence) that the promise has been met, despite it being unsupported.

While it should go unsaid that I will never buy anything from 505 ever again, it's quite disgusting to see them try to take credit for the game but simultaneously claim to be nothing but a distributor.

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