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Much Rage Today

Things this week: The publishing manager of 505 admitted to being a pirate himself. The WT world champion won via referee instead of taekwondo. Mueller talked a bunch but said nothing new. Carrying my tkd school in the absence of other people who ought to be there kind of sucks. Tornadoes?


I haven't watched WT TKD in ages, so I decide to take a look and it reminded me why I stopped. Wow, that was dirty. The right thing to do when you're down 10 points in a taekwondo match is to go for a knockout, not to stop kicking and start pushing to go for […]

My Olympic Taekwondo Cheering List

I'll be updating this post all weekend. Thursday: Jade Jones - 12-4, 7-2, 9-4, 16-7 GOLD medal!!! :D Lee Dae Hun - 6-W, lost in QF 8-11, Repechage 14-6 BRONZE medal! Friday: Lutalo Muhammed - 14-0, 9-2, 12-7, 6-8 Silver! (Ouch though!) Paige McPherson - 5-6 :( Saturday: Mahama Cho 12-6, 3-3 GP, 1-4 loss, […]


The first thing to wish me a good one was the script over at BOINCStats. I've apparently gathered 255408 credits since last year. The second thing was plum gekkeikan sake. I miss my Atari. The Atari was so simple. You'd point it and it went. Wanna change the color of something, draw a line, make […]

WTF Refs Live Up To Their Name

The WTF finally got the last day of the Taekwondo GP up and I must say, I am VERY disappointed with the officiating during Jade's final match. She got robbed on that last head shot. Sure, 2nd isn't bad, but it's not gold either, is it?