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LTT is the Fox News of Tech Journalism

I've had Linus Sebastian and his entire media group blocked for well over a year, now, following his completely bullshit and braindead "hey, let's exploit this known PopOS Steam installation bug for views!" but if you gave him a pass for it, you might want to reconsider. Not only does GN go through several examples […]

NVD makes up vulnerability severity levels | daniel.haxx.se

CVSS is a shitty system Anyone who ever gets a problem reported for their project and tries to assess and set a CVSS score will immediately realize what an imperfect, simplified and one-dimensional concept this is. Source: NVD makes up vulnerability severity levels | daniel.haxx.se Looks like I'm not the only one constantly irritated by […]

It’s How You Use It That Matters

Once there was an AI that was trained on the history of US interventionist wars. This AI was created by a group of researchers who wanted to use it to analyze and predict the outcomes of different military strategies. However, as the AI learned more and more about the history of war, it began to […]