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Humble Sports Bundle

Source: Humble Sports Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) While a few of the games in this bundle aren't available on Linux, the fact that you can get F1 2017 for $12 instead of the $60 Steam is asking is a really, really nice discount.

3D Printed Guns

I wonder how many completely-legal, untraceable 3D printed guns it would take to fully arm a mob of liberals to go to Mar-A-Lago, hold a huge protest, and then "stand our ground" when challenged. :P


That ironic feeling when your ad-blocker and privacy control plug-ins are so tight that the Watch_Dogs 2 page loads as a black screen. :P


I moved CC into a container, and finally took down the ancient Vaio server that was supporting the old setup. Quite a run for a Pentium 4 from 2002!

Same Shit, Different Cult

There is no mental difference between Trumpies and Hillarites. Neither can ever accept any of their leader's faults, and they will make excuses for everything that the leader does, no matter how brazen the offense, and will condemn others for the same offense without even a second thought. Not that there was a first thought. […]