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December 3, 2015

The first thing to wish me a good one was the script over at BOINCStats. I've apparently gathered 255408 credits since last year.

The second thing was plum gekkeikan sake.

I miss my Atari.

The Atari was so simple. You'd point it and it went. Wanna change the color of something, draw a line, make a sound? Just poke the right magic number in and you got what you wanted.

It was a lot more powerful than I understood. I look at it now, the pieces are so simple that I'm embarrassed by how limited I was.

I didn't get it back then. There was so much more I could have done but it was more interesting to play games on it. Sure I wrote some myself, but most of those were crap. BASIC was so limiting and I had no assembler, and I wouldn't have understood it probably even if I had one anyway.

My life is like that. Probably everyone's is, but I know mine was. Back when I had most of the power to change things, I wasted it because I didn't understand it.

The nice thing about sake is that it gets you drunk a lot more smoothly than beer, and tastes a lot better.

I don't have martial arts Saturday so I need to find something else to do. Maybe I'll dig out my Atari again and waste some time there.

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