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Same Shit, Different Environment

September 21, 2016

If I worked the way I am being expected to vote, I wouldn't have a job, since #1 and #2 both are horrible choices.
Actually, it's pretty similar: #1 is horrifically corporate, very susceptible to viruses, sloppy, easily hacked, and most people hate how it works, but think supporting it should be mandatory.

#2 is all flash and no substance, self-aggrandizement and ego, paired with one-sided draconian policies resting on top of exploitation of other people's work. Moreover, take the fancy plastic off and inside is exactly the same shit as #1.

Don't expect me to fix your computer, or your government, if you can't admit that you willingly picked something broken.
I've been third party for DECADES and it's worked just fine for me so far. I don't need to support you.

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