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Archive for August, 2018

“You need an expensive 3D printer to print this”

If "expensive" means a $400 user-friendly prebuilt 3D printer like the m0n0price MS+, and $3 of plastic, then I am a 1%er. I guess. To be honest, I'm not impressed by the design. It does not print nicely on the bottom underneath where the handle and trigger are, the handle's not as big of deal, […]

The Worst-Kept Secret

Why, what is that I spy at 43 seconds into WATCH_DOGS 2's menu video? :? All the parts are there - even the plastic springs for the trigger mechanism - And it's laying on a homemade Prusa-style printer. Kinda looks like a Lulzbot Mini clone. While I applaud all of the small touches for accuracy […]

The Reality of the Liberator Plastic Pistol

Total cost in plastic: $6-10 each, depending on the plastic you bought Time to print: about 24 hours Things the release of the design changes: zero Like with all weapons, the issue has never been the weapon itself, but who has access to it and why. A 3D-printed handgun has only one sensible use at […]

End of an era (ha)

I took down my QT/Android apps from Play; they had very few users and I have not done anything with them in months. Maybe I should start working again on Livetuner, add some of the network functionality I was hoping for. Or I could 3D print some guns, that'd be fun too.