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The Worst-Kept Secret

August 5, 2018

Why, what is that I spy at 43 seconds into WATCH_DOGS 2's menu video? :?

All the parts are there - even the plastic springs for the trigger mechanism - And it's laying on a homemade Prusa-style printer. Kinda looks like a Lulzbot Mini clone.

While I applaud all of the small touches for accuracy in these games (like this fine startup screen!) I have to wonder how many people actually notice these things.

Why is this interesting to the average person, though? Well, this game was released in November 2016. The Liberator is actually three years older than that, having been first successfully tested in 2013. We aren't seeing a huge uptick of unsolvable murders (quite the opposite, we have people in Florida murdering people in broad daylight, legally thanks to their "stand your ground" law) so why do criminals not favor an easily-printed single-shot plastic gun over cheap, highly available, reliable legal weapons made of metal, like the AR-15?

Oh, I guess I answered my own question there. The main risk is to civilized nations with strong gun control laws; but, again, these countries are doing things properly so finding ammo will be difficult.

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