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The Reality of the Liberator Plastic Pistol

August 4, 2018

Total cost in plastic: $6-10 each, depending on the plastic you bought

Time to print: about 24 hours

Things the release of the design changes: zero

Like with all weapons, the issue has never been the weapon itself, but who has access to it and why. A 3D-printed handgun has only one sensible use at the moment: premeditated assassination-style murder. But it's not very good at it.

Someone who wants a gun for self-defense can easily buy a far more reliable metal gun for less than the total cost of printer+plastic, and the traceability aspect is irrelevant unless someone's actively trying to hide it.

For someone who wants to kill with an untraceable, easily destroyed weapon, there are still better choices than this, and unless they can't acquire a weapon legally, there is again no reason to go with a fully plastic gun.

IMHO, it's a weapon of desperation, and not nearly worth the hype it's getting.

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