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August 23, 2018

I seem to have underestimated the depths to which trumpies will sink. I've been banned from FB for a day for "hate speech" - which yes, I assume my post does look like if read, without context.

Of course the trumpie can be racist as fuck and get away with it, no ban and the FB "admins" (read: alt-right sympathizers) always refuse to do anything about racism.

So I will do the only things I really can:

1 - wait for the ban to come off, and then start adding "WARNING: POST CONTAINS SARCASM" labels because the FB admins are thicker than Egyptian pyramid bricks, and

2 - Continue posting on my own site, which I would have done anyway, and

3 - Completely refuse to listen to any work offers they send me, until they get their shit together.

It does really make me wonder, though, who ACTUALLY reviews anything. I've reported dozens of obviously sock-puppet fake accounts, but for FB to take any action, the sock-puppets have to be elementary-school obvious. I've also reported pages that are literally advertising fake accounts for FB, ON FB, and again, no action is taken.

They are asleep at the wheel.

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