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Everything being served on CC is now 100% 64-bit code. (yeah I know, but if it ain't broke...) Also, Kanboard was discarded in favor of an integrated kanban board system, since nobody else is using it.


I moved CC into a container, and finally took down the ancient Vaio server that was supporting the old setup. Quite a run for a Pentium 4 from 2002!


If you're serious about #delete'ing your FB, I'll just remind you that CC has a fully functional, log-free private IRC server that you can chat on. Is anyone surprised that an obvious bellwether setup like Facebook might be tailoring people's news feed to reinforce their biases? :)

Well That's Nice

CC was up and down for the last few days because the cable modem that Comcast gave me (twice) apparently has a known hardware defect, and the transmitter had gone bad. The new one will hopefully be much more stable.