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Scrum Sucks

July 23, 2014

Where I work, we have to use this faux-open-source process called scrum. The idea is to emulate the way open source projects work, while retaining some of the controls that waterfall project management gives to people not doing the actual work.

The biggest problem with Scrum is its focus on short term gain. Our sprint cycle - an arbitrary measure used to force developers to turn out code faster - is three weeks. The intent is to break up tasks into small bites so they can get done, but the actual effect is that developers end up overhurried, they skimp on design and testing, and you end up with shitty code that is nothing but one compromise heaped upon another.

If you like how open source projects work, just do it correctly from the start and DO OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT. Don't try to impose arbitrary date and time requirements on people because these will result in crap code.

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