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These Damn Kids

October 13, 2015

I don't trust coders that gregariously socialize with other coders. Perhaps it's not a rational thing, but I just don't think that someone who likes to talk about coding rather than coding is any good at it.

Now, I am drawing a big distinction between people who socialize VIA computer (meaning, IRC, or blogging, or BBS systems, that kind of thing) and people who socialize the way college students do (meaning, parties, bars, conventions, and other "group" activities). You do not become a better coder by being popular with coders, and you do not become a hacker by putting the word "hack" in front of every fucking party you throw.

I mostly blame Apple for this shit. Programming isn't about (and should not be about) marketing, looking cool, or winning popularity contests. It also isn't about overcharging for your work nor is it about accumulating status symbols. They sell the exact same hardware as Dell and HP.

There are two perfect examples of what I mean right where I work. One of them is a down-to-earth, very bright coder who asks useful questions, doesn't socialize to excess, and knows when to stop talking and start typing. From there, we got a lot of decently written and useful code. The other is a very extroverted party-person, has not produced anything of value, but has managed to become a poster-child for the company's "innovation" shitpile, which *also* has produced nothing of value.

Guess what kind of laptop that person has?

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