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You’re Why She Lost

November 14, 2016

My new favorite group of people is Democrat minorities who voted against Bernie because of his gender and race. How's that karma treating you?

I can sum up my feelings on this entire election process in three statements.

  1. If you voted based primarily on issues, moral position, and policy, good for you.
  2. If you voted based primarily on someone's gender, you're a sexist asshole.
  3. If you voted based primarily on someone's race, you're a racist asshole.

Some examples of assholes:

  • If you voted for Trump in the general because he is white and/or male
  • If you voted for Hillary in the primary because she is female and/or not Jewish
  • If you voted for Ben Carson or Marco Rubio in the primary because of their respective races

I regret voting for Hillary. There were a lot of very aggressive Democrats screaming about how Trump must not win, and not one of them would accept that Hillary had already lost back then. It takes more than just hope to win an election - you have to have a sizeable, energized, and, most importantly, a cohesive coalition of voters.

I was told that sometimes winning is more important than being right, and thanks to people saying that sort of thing, I neither won, nor did the right thing.

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