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505 Is A Gang Of Thieves; Their Board Admins Are Good People

May 31, 2019

If you've been following my saga over on the Bloodstained DB, you may have noticed that 505 doesn't feel like it needs to talk to me anymore, since they got what they wanted and don't actually care about keeping their word. Their publishing manager has publicly admitted to being a software pirate; this kind of fits in perfectly with the rest of Bloodstained, as it's looking more and more like a knock-off of a good Konami game rather than having any indie cred whatsoever.

It's a classic story of an effort that's reached critical mass; once the dollar signs start to show up, the people who only care about money start to ruin things for everyone else around them, making it obvious that they never really cared about the original goal, but only making themselves rich. Going back on promises made to the people who made them successful in the first place is just considered business-as-usual.

The worst part is when truly good people are put in a position where they have to defend the actions of the greedy. They're not the ones doing the ruining, but they have to clean up the mess afterwards, and often times cleaning up involves getting themselves very dirty in the process. Whether it is an act of love, or just a stubborn refusal to accept that the people they support are being dicks, doesn't matter that much - ultimately, the ones causing the problem are never held responsible.

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