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Shenmue 3 by Ys Net » Update On PC Version Rewards — Kickstarter

July 2, 2019

Christ on a bike, this was the stupidest thing they could do.

Yes, I backed for the PS4, but this hurts ME too - not just because part of my backer funds were supposed to go towards making a real physical release for everybody - but because the backlash from this will hurt Kickstarter the most, and all the nostalgia-based goodwill Ys.Net was getting is completely gone. Mue 4? LOL, yeah right - everyone will remember what happened and it will sell terribly, and it'll be another 16 years before Mue 5.

It's not Star Wars, dude. 1 and 2 were incredible. If 3 sucks as bad as this business-decision makes it seem like it will, there will never be a Mue 4. :(

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