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January 29, 2020

Today has been a nasty week.

Between a two-day running argument with a group calling themselves "Anarcho-Capitalists" ending in the revelation that a rape victim in their utopia would have to self-fund her own justice, and listening to someone I normally trust go hardline-centrist for no apparent reason, I am mentally exhausted already.

This "ancap" thing is absolutely disgusting. These people consider theft the worst crime possible - worse than rape, worse than murder, worse than vigilantism, worse than any organized crime - and would rather have all of those crimes be acceptable (not legal, as there is no law to speak of in this utopia, just "pacts" with nothing but self-enforcement) than pay any tax at all. It strikes me as an odd form of Amish-style beliefs, except they've chosen 1865 instead of 1765 as their artificial line in the sands of time.

It is insanity of the highest order.

The second issue is much simpler - someone with a long history of being on the right side of things - domestic spying, data security, those kinds of things - is having a meltdown because her favorite Democratic candidate is not doing so well in polls, and she can't accept it, so she's turning the Russian Paranoia Volume control to 11.

She's entitled to her opinion of anyone and everyone, but she's wrong about the people she's accusing of plotting with Russia. The main problem I have with it is that, even if these people were natural-born Russians living in Russia and publicly KGB members, that doesn't make the things they've leaked untrue. Whether discovered by a white-hat friend or a black-hat enemy, a flaw is still a flaw, and ultimately the responsibility for it rests on the implementer, i.e. US.

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