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Study: People who are $500 short per month aren’t worth helping

February 12, 2021

You've probably seen this bullshit study all over the news by now:

President Biden's proposed $1,400 coronavirus relief checks would allow 22.6 million Americans to pay their bills for at least four and a half months, according to a

Source: Study: $1,400 stimulus checks would help 22.6 million pay bills

What you might not have seen is the proprietary Morning Consult's summary of their own "study." which is pretty much a load of absolutely disgusting assumptions about the behavior of poor people, and complete ignorance to whom all of this money will go. For instance:

In January, 16 percent of survey respondents indicated that their expenses exceeded their incomes for the month, from 15 percent in December.

Who the hell did they ask? If you took a survey of the people I know, you'd get 15 percent-ish of them saying they COULD pay their bills every month, not the other way around.

And - even worse, there's this:

The proposed stimulus plan provides noticeably less relief for the remaining 7.5 million adults unable to pay their bills in January. For most of them, their incomes fell short of their expenses by over $500 in January. The cost of protecting them from financial hardship for four or five months would be high, and the economic benefits would be comparatively small since they account for such a small share of the population.

So, if you're in the hole more than half a grand, the people at Morning Consult - and, by extension, everyone who uses their "study" as a justification - doesn't think you're worth saving. But that's okay, since there's only 7.5 million of you.

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