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Stable Stranding

September 7, 2022

Oh don't mind me, I'm just dicking around with Stable Diffusion and getting it to generate a Death Stranding 2 cast pulled directly out of my butt

This AI is simply amazing - turning out fully-rendered realistic 3D artwork off nothing but my laptop's NVidia GPU, based on prompting. And it KNOWS things, like what these actors look like, what games are - and it's good at it, too.

So, plot... do I have a plot........ uh. Adam, Lilly, and Zendaya are porters each with different DOOMS - one can see BTs, one can hear them, and one can speak to them. Bruce and Debby are angry Unger-level resurrected people, and Timothee is a Heartman-level but evil scientist who wants to bring the EE back.

Again, this is completely pulled from my ass, so don't post it anywhere and say it's a plot leak, because it's not. :P I'm just messing with the art AI.

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