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Twitter Quitter?

October 27, 2022

Twitter has been acquired by a billionaire centrist, who many right-wingers think will "clean up" the place. Good for them, I say. The quicker people come to realize that social media run by the wealthy and corporations is by definition going to be a propaganda center, the better.

When Elon Musk first tried to purchase Twitter, there was a migration to distributed social media systems like Mastodon and Diaspora* - but as users, not as nodes, so these admittedly small networks had trouble handling it, which created a lot of bounceback.

I have some hope that the finalization of Musk's acquisition, and the change from liberal to centrist doctrines on Twitter, will finally be the big push that gets people to start thinking "hey, I'm sick of moving my shit around and being beholden to some rich prick's politics, how come I can't just keep it all on my own system?" But it probably won't.

It's hard to be an influencer on a distributed system where you don't get paid by the click.

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