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Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

Violet has an EXCELLENT write-up of the Russian redhead providing a strong reminder that humans are the weakest link in security. I dunno about her not being interested in infosec - maybe she just has a different angle on it. Source: Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

A Decision To Make

Do you consider data security important? If NO, then "but her emails" applies to both situations. If YES, then, do you think everyone should be held to the SAME standards for security? If NO, then you're part of the problem. If YES, then you better have condemned both of them.

The Actual Taste Of Nothingburger

Source: Vermont US Attorney won't file charges against Jane Sanders in Burlington College case Remember how Bernie was so totally questionable of a candidate since his wife was accused of some horrible bullshit scandal involving the college she was in charge of and a land purchase? Funny how these things never seem to make it […]

Sigh x 2

Democrats, in 2018: Who cares if Robert Bowers hated Trump or not, he's completely behind GOP ideals! Democrats, in 2016: Bernie Sanders isn't a REAL democrat.


Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from their loss to Trump. Just hoping that he pisses people off enough to make them vote for you isn't a strategy.

Like We Can't Just Make More

The Texas GOP used the police to silence this person's freedom of speech for putting up this 100% understandable and true picture: The cops may be able to steal the original, but they can't stop it from being reproduced. Here are cleaned-up printable versions. Print them out and hang them EVERYWHERE.