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Things that are completely ok to call someone on Facebook: libtard commie pussy soyboy cuck Things that will get you banned for 3 days for "harassment and bullying": which was posted in response to:

Much Rage Today

Things this week: The publishing manager of 505 admitted to being a pirate himself. The WT world champion won via referee instead of taekwondo. Mueller talked a bunch but said nothing new. Carrying my tkd school in the absence of other people who ought to be there kind of sucks. Tornadoes?


Centrist Democrats fucked us over and gave us Trump, and they will fuck us over again by refusing to prosecute an impeachment of him. They are just as evil as Trump.

New Years Resolutions

1920x1080 Duh. OK for real tho Stop taking other people's shit. Pay more attention to gaming and anime Push hard on linux gaming Stop tolerating political bullshit Do more at work and get more involved

Why I stopped giving Money to ThinkProgress, or "Our Effort to blame Jill Stein for Hillary's loss was more extensive than previously thought"

2 years after a Democratic rout that even a four-year-old could have predicted, they are still trying to "correct the record" - despite these claims being easily disproven. Take for instance The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought - ThinkProgress which bases their claims on the presumption […]

Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

Violet has an EXCELLENT write-up of the Russian redhead providing a strong reminder that humans are the weakest link in security. I dunno about her not being interested in infosec - maybe she just has a different angle on it. Source: Maria Butina: Cybersecurity charlatan, spy

A Decision To Make

Do you consider data security important? If NO, then "but her emails" applies to both situations. If YES, then, do you think everyone should be held to the SAME standards for security? If NO, then you're part of the problem. If YES, then you better have condemned both of them.

The Actual Taste Of Nothingburger

Source: Vermont US Attorney won't file charges against Jane Sanders in Burlington College case Remember how Bernie was so totally questionable of a candidate since his wife was accused of some horrible bullshit scandal involving the college she was in charge of and a land purchase? Funny how these things never seem to make it […]